As busy professionals, we are all constantly looking for ways to save our most precious resource: TIME. We recently got a tip from marketing maven Melissa Hensley from NRG that we think does just that.

Use a personal shopper.

Now we here at WatchHERWork are huge fans of outsourcing. If you can make it work in your budget, hire a housekeeper, childcare provider, a driver when necessary…… you get the idea. You should always focus your time on the things that yield the highest return. Updating your resume and attending that networking event? YES. Scrubbing toilets and tutoring your kids in a subject you haven’t thought about since the 9th grade? Not so much. We love outsourcing.
We had not, however, been exposed to the wonders of personal shoppers. So let’s take a peek into this wonderful world.

How does it work?

You make an appointment with your stylist. He or she will call you to do a brief phone consultation to determine your likes and dislikes and to gauge your personal style as well as learn about your assets and your problem areas (Hey, we’ve all got them).
When you arrive for your appointment, your stylist will lead you to a dressing room filled with items chosen just for you. This is where the angels start singing. You will try on the clothes and make your selection, no pressure. Some things you will like and some you will LOVE. Invariably, there will be some things you would have never chosen for yourself, but that’s half the fun, having a professional take you to a new level. Over time, your stylist will get to know you and your body and be a part of your team as you shape your professional image. Yay!

How much does it cost?

Usually…nothing. That’s right space fans, nada. These services are generally provided at no additional cost by some great retailers like Nordstrom’s, Saks and Neiman Marcus so why aren’t we using them?
Now we know what you’re thinking. You love shopping, especially hitting the sales. Can you just give that task over to someone else? In a word, Yes. Remember, the goal here is the most efficient use of time. You want to look like a rock star? Well rock stars have help. You should too.

Do the personal shoppers select the most expensive items?

Actually, no. You set the budget and manage your shopper the way you would manage any other service provider. If you clearly state your objectives, they can usually save you all the time and money you usually spend trying on a bunch of items that don’t work then bringing them home and adding them to a mismatched wardrobe full of other items that don’t work. (Do you have 9 pairs of red pants too?)

Who should use a personal shopper?

YOU! Give it a try the next time you are ready for a refresh of your wardrobe. Come back here and tell us about your experience. We love hearing from you.

Denise Hamilton

Denise is Founder and CEO of Her upcoming book “When Sleeping Women Wake: Moving Mountains in Life & Work” will be available Summer 2016.


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