On March 1, an amazing group of people gathered to celebrate the official launch of WatchHerWork.com. As they entered, they added some of their pearls of wisdom to our Wisdom Wall. Here’s some of what they shared….

Be interested and interesting to build relationships
Be kind and grateful! – Mia Mends
Listen more than you speak
Smile. It’s contagious
Always lead with confidence and trust yourself
Be content in all things and learn while you are there
Always reach beyond you!
Never stop asking questions
Trust yourself
Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want
Do what you say you are going to do. Deliver.
Fav quote: “I’ve always believed that one woman’s success helps another woman’s success!” Celebrate us all!
When you feel de-motivated, do what energizes you.
Trust your gut!
Have an exit strategy.
If you know everything, you can’t be taught anything!
Honor your own self in whatever you do…Be always authentic. – J. Alfonso
Plan you work and work your plan. -Daniella D Landers
Always operate in intensity!
Action moves the needle, keep moving. -Dr. Reagan Flowers
Tears awaken the tiger in you, have your moment(s), and get back on that horse. -Dr. Reagan Flowers
Remember, if they do not play with you now, they will play with you later. Stay true to your commitment and stay the course. Buckle up, the ride is bumpy! -Dr. Reagan Flowers
Work, life, balance is being present in all the moments. -Dr. Reagan Flowers
Go where there is no path, and leave a trail. -Self the Poet
Never “email war”
Open communication is key!!
Tomorrow will always come!
Tuck your bra straps in!
Know your worth
Bust a move!
Enjoy everyday!
Success is around the corner, if you give up, you will never know what was possible.
If you are about it – BE about it, whatever it is!
Faith…walk in it! You have everything you need!
Never stop smiling 🙂
Own it! 🙂
Never give up. Ever.
God 1st, Family 2nd, All others 3rd. -Teena Adams
Take care of you first and everything will fall in place.
Don’t burn bridges.
How to win- Keep up the fires of thought, and all will go well…if you fail in your thoughts or you prevail in your thoughts alone. -Thoreau
Let the little worries go – life is too short
You will learn so much more listening than talking. Start with a question!
Find out who you are, embrace that woman and love her unconditionally. She is already amazing, she has to believe it!
Be good to yourself first. The rest will fall into place.
STOP asking for permission.
Be good. Ask for what you want. Follow your passion!
Show up!
Strong women build each other up! Instead of tearing each other down.
Your team should be smarter.
Flourish flourish flourish!
You MUST do the thing you think you cannot do.
Always return calls…your next opportunity may be on the other line.
Keep working and being the most outstanding, motivating woman I’ve met. You truly are an inspiration! Love, Peaches.
Tell your story truthfully!
Think positive always. Nobody controls your thoughts.
Stand up for yourself and for others in the workplace. You never know when they will lookout for you.
Never become too invested in the praise nor the criticism. Let your joy be your GPS! xo, Devi
Never sacrifice the permanent at the altar of the temporary! -Helen Perry
Always follow your dreams. – Teena Adams
Be your authentic self and authentication will come unto you…
It takes a village. Find yours and rely on it!
Trust your process. Don’t seek permission for your significance or approval for your brilliance. Support your sisters and brothers.
Don’t let fear of jumping prevent you from taking the first step!
Dress for the role you want, not the role you have.
Keep everything in perspective and take good, NO great care of yourself.
Wake up every morning and remember you don’t have what it takes to be average.
Your business is built at the speed of relationships.
Always aspire to inspire… Spread love.
You can always figure out a creative solution to whatever challenge you are encountering between work and life. Sometimes you have to think outside the box!


Denise Hamilton

Denise is Founder and CEO of WatchHerWork.com. Her upcoming book “When Sleeping Women Wake: Moving Mountains in Life & Work” will be available Summer 2016.


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