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Thank you for your interest in being a featured contributor on WatchHerWork.

WatchHerWork is a digital platform closing the success gap for women by providing the information they need when they need it. By using video to crowdsource wisdom from executives, entrepreneurs and thought leaders just like you, we give women professional advice that is personal, actionable and equips them for success.

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What does it mean to be a WatchHerWork mentor?

You agree to be interviewed on video for one hour about a host of career guidance subjects such as:

  • How do you ask for a raise?
  • When is it time to leave a job?
  • What do you do if a client hits on you?
  • How do project confidence in a presentation?
  • How do you take control of a meeting if you feel undermined?
  • How do you handle your husband being uncomfortable if you make more money?

Your experience is so valuable to women all over the country who may not have a mentor. At WatchHerWork, we believe you shouldn’t have to have powerful friends to have powerful information. Your willingness to share your expertise is the key ingredient to creating a community of growth and excellence.

Mia Mends

CEO, Sodexo Benefits & Rewards Services, USA

Samira Salman

CEO, Salman Solutions

Bonnie Scherry

Director of Corporate HR, G&A Partners

How does filming work?

Interviews are about 1 hour long and can occur in our studio in Houston or we can come to you to film in your space.

If you have the capability to film your own videos, the raw footage can be uploaded here

What preparation is required?

There is no formal preparation required. The tone of the interview is like a Mentor and Mentee having a conversation over lunch. Each video is 1-4 minutes long and you have ample opportunity to prepare your response to each question before the camera rolls.

How do we schedule an interview?

If you’re a part of a group, let your host know that you’re interested in being a mentor with us. If you’re an individual, send us an email at and we will reach out to you to schedule a taping.

Thank you for sharing your wisdom. Your gift of time will touch women everywhere.



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