Leading For Community

Amidst the maelstrom of Harvey, Denise Hamilton shows us the meaning of leadership for community. Her recent my.harveneeds.org initiative, a website that connects people in need directly with people who want to help, is a testament to not only her selfless dedication to the city she calls home, but also exemplifies how creative, and integrous [...]

An open letter to Houston Small Businesses

Dear small business owners, I had a moment today. I walked into my office and looked at my boards with all of my plans and dreams for the next 6 months. For a moment, it seemed like they were all washed down the drain by Harvey. Discouragement welled up. Fear crept in. How was my [...]

What’s Holding You Back From Using Your Voice?

I’ve always been obsessed with the how? Simplified solutions and inspirational quotes weren’t enough for me. They didn’t snap me out of my silence. They didn’t create true change in my confidence and self-worth. They didn’t offer me a solution I could put into work on a daily basis. In my young life, I witnessed [...]

Creating Space and Time in a World That Just Keeps Spinning

In a world when minutes turn quickly into hours and hours into days, how do we find enough time to accomplish the goals that we set for ourselves, while keeping joy, creativity, and enthusiasm in perspective? As I sit here writing this, my brain is full of today’s tasks; get up, get dressed, walk and [...]

Stop Doing the Office Housework

Our co-worker Celia is having a baby. Another co-worker Linda is planning Celia’s baby shower and going desk to desk in the office signing up volunteers for the potluck. Next week she’ll be asking us all to sign the card. I’m happy for Celia. Her baby is going to be adorable and she’s going to [...]
Yes. Wonder Woman Really is Life Changing. Here’s Why…

Yes. Wonder Woman Really is Life Changing. Here’s Why…

It's the first female superhero film in over a decade. The studios didn't believe a woman could carry a film alone. Boy, were they wrong. With Patty Jenkins at the helm, it is the first superhero film directed by a woman. Wonder Woman broke records and expectations with an opening weekend of $103.1 million at [...]


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