Scale Mentorship

Successful women want to help but have limited time to mentor. By sharing their stories and experiences with WatchHerWork, they can touch 10,000 women, not just 1 at a time.

Democratize Access

Maybe you live in a rural area or come from a lower socioeconomic group. Maybe you’re just an introvert. You still want to be successful. You can’t find 1 mentor? We give you access to hundreds.

Amplify Women’s Voices

There’s genius in the minds of professional women. We tap that experience and wisdom to bring those stories to the world. No one knows all the answers, but together we all do.





Cathy Nunnally, President & CEO of Nunnally & Company discusses how to be a strong leader when you inherit a team.

Precious Williams Owodunni, Founder and President at Mountaintop Consulting talks about how to recover from professional disappointment.

Bonnie Scherry, Director of Corporate HR at G&A Partners discusses how to have a conversation about what you are good at. Learn what you need to say.



Topical treasure troves of information covering about everything from Pregnancy to Sexual Harassment to Your First Executive Position. COMING SOON

Live Speakers

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Digital courses and webinars provide a deeper dive into the subjects that impact your career most.
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What People Are Saying

WatchHerWork and the priceless insight of Denise Hamilton taught me how to navigate the unspoken gender politics of corporate America. It relieved me of the pressure of having to figure it out all on my own!
Loyce Gayo, Graduate Student
I’ve been exposed to many different programs and resources claiming to move the needle in the Diversity and Inclusion space. While they are well-intended, I’ve seen few that have the game changing impact of WatchHerWork. Denise puts the power in the hands of women to change their futures no matter what level, industry, age or socioeconomic background. It’s powerful.
Torian Richardson, Diversity and Inclusion Specialist
Having a resource like WatchHerWork earlier in my career would have been invaluable. Being a female executive can be isolating. Having a broad network of expertise that you can tap into at your convenience is a game changer, especially for introverts like me.
Melissa Hensley, Senior Communications Executive
Denise is a visionary and a master communicator. Her ability to extract wisdom from seasoned professionals to make it accessible to everyone is a significant game changer. She figured out how to scale mentorship and she has the skill to communicate it in ways that everyone can understand and apply to their lives.
Regina Jones, General Counsel Schlumberger
Denise is highly skilled at assessing the moving parts of a situation and coaching you to select the best way forward. At first, I worried that WatchHerWork was only for women, but I quickly learned that Denise is about solving problems and helping us all succeed. I’m grateful to benefit from the WatchHerWork experience.
Wendel Skolaski, EVP Cadence Bank
It was gratifying having a such a large group of women listening to a positive female role model. Denise has a very positive and empowering message and people left feeling uplifted.
Dawn Madsen, Business Development Engineer Anadarko Petroleum Corporation
WatchHerWork is a powerful tool. There just isn’t another place you can go to get real answers in such a highly curated, thoughtful way. It’s a tool built for the way women actually live.
Grace Rodriguez, Co-Founder Station Houston
When I heard about WatchHerWork it literally brought tears to my eyes because I thought about the different world my daughters will live in because there are valuable tools that level the playing field and will help them achieve the greatness I know lives in them.
Catherine Beggs, CEO Intelligence by Design


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Congratulations, you got the job! Now what?

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WatchHerWork is launching a podcast where we will be answering all of your most pressing career questions. We want to hear from you. If you have a topic or question you’d like us to tackle, let us know.

WatchHerWork is an innovative learning platform for professional women which teaches you how to handle everything from how to tell your boss you’re pregnant, to what to do if your client hits on you. We provide advice, knowledge, and empowerment by connecting you to hundreds of successful female executives, entrepreneurs and thought leaders.

We provide the career advice you need, when you need it, and how you need it.



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