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"You don't have to have powerful friends to have powerful information"
-Denise Hamilton

Women Interviewed


Should You Ask for A Raise During A Pandemic?

The current pandemic caught all of us off guard and has been causing havoc ever since. Life as we knew it is gone with little chance of getting to where we were pre-pandemic. Not a day goes by without hearing layoffs, forced unpaid leaves, hiring freezes, and painful salary cuts. Many people are taking over […]

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Are we winning the Battle Against Breast Cancer?

The prime goal of observing Breast Cancer Awareness Month is raising awareness, intending to significantly reduce cancer patients and casualties. Cancer claims over 8 million lives annually. The question is, how have we been doing so far?  Cancer remains one of the most lethal diseases, despite several attempts to find a cure. According to the […]

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The WatchHerWork Annual Report on Women

2020 has been quite a year! At WatchHerWork, women count and we want to know how you’re doing. In November, we are publishing the WatchHerWork Annual Report on Women and we want to be sure we are telling your story. Please take a few minutes to fill out our survey.

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