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"You don't have to have powerful friends to have powerful information"
-Denise Hamilton

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Battling Burnout? A Post-Pandemic Career Change Might Be the Answer

The pandemic fundamentally altered daily life for many. Approximately 9.6 million Americans lost their jobs, and millions more saw their professions change dramatically. While around 17 percent of U.S. professionals worked from home at least five days a week pre-pandemic, 44 percent did once lockdowns began restricting workplace activities. While the days of shelter-in-place orders […]

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My Best 21 of ‘21

2021 was an incredible year full of lots of ups and downs, but as I reflect on year 2 of the pandemic, there are way more ups than downs. So many lessons, so many opportunities, and SO many blessings. And friends, so many wonderful friends. Here are the best things that happened to me in […]

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Denise Hamilton Featured on Facebook's #SheMeansBusiness

Have you seen the latest? Our Founder, Denise Hamilton, was recently featured on Facebook's #SheMeansBusiness virtual training. #SheMeansBusiness is a space for entrepreneurial women to make valuable connections, share advice and move forward together. It celebrates the contributions of women business owners by providing resources to help you move through the current pandemic with confidence. […]

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