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-Denise Hamilton

Women Interviewed


Spring Cleaning and Home Maintenance

Spring cleaning is an annual ritual that many perform—some more enthusiastically than others—to clear out the winter debris and achieve a more comfortable environment for everyone in our households. But performing spring cleaning and annual home maintenance tasks isn’t only good for our homes. According to medical science, it’s actually good for our mental and […]

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The 20201 WatchHerWork Annual Report on Women

For most of us, 2020 was not the year we’d hoped for. COVID-19 caught us by surprise and turned our lives upside down. Our version of “normal” changed dramatically. For the most part of 2020, we could not travel, eat in restaurants, go to the office or visit our loved ones. We were introduced to […]

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Structuring Your Start-Up Around Your Family Life

Whether you are starting your own business alongside another job or you have decided to dedicate your work time solely to a new business, running a start-up can be pretty challenging. For many people, this will involve working from home and this can make things even more challenging – especially if there are children involved. […]

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