What is included?

Luxury hotel accommodations, airport transfers, transformative workshops,  breakfast and dinner each day, daily yoga, welcome happy hour, and excursions.

What's the focus of each day of the retreat?

At the WatchHerWork Set Your 2020 Vision Retreat, you will spend 7 days in beautiful Bali transforming your life under the guidance of Nationally recognized coach and speaker, Denise Hamilton. You will learn to Master Yourself so you can Master Your World. This retreat is the chance you’ve been waiting for to rejuvenate, get perspective and design a powerful 2020 where you take control and build the life you want.

Each day will be filled with yoga, fabulous clean eating, excursions and appreciating the beauty and grandeur of beautiful Bali as well as thought provoking workshops designed o help you define your life on your own terms.

Throughout our week together, we will focus on five main areas of your life: Work, family, wealth, friendships, and health.

Before We Go

Our journey begins before you even get on the plane. In order to maximize the impact of our time together, you will be asked to participate in a few exercises before you board the flight. This will not be busy work, but an opportunity to focus and get clarity around what you want to get out of this retreat.

Sunday/ Day 1

Welcome/ Open 

Right out the gate, you’re going to be challenged to open up your spirit and create the opportunity for the valuable coaching and messaging to impact your life. Seeds only grow on fertile ground. At this very important welcome gathering, you will be meeting the other participants and setting your intention for the week.


Monday/ Day 2


You cant get where you’re going until you know where you’ve been. On this day, we will focus on a true evaluation of your personal status quo and your satisfaction with it across a number of different areas. We’ll take advantage of the lush tropical scenery to be still and listen to our internal voices.


Tuesday/ Day 3 


More often than not, the key to being successful is as much about what you say no to as it is about what you say yes to. During this day’s activities, we’ll focus on identifying the behaviors, practices, relationships and responsibilities that no longer serve us. Together, we’ll find the courage to let them go to make room for a new vision for our lives.


Wednesday/ Day 4


One of the biggest components of self care is learning – despite a critical world – when and how to celebrate your successes. At this halfway mark, we will have our own party and teach you to appreciate the phenomenal woman that you are. We’ll also harness the incredible power and synergy that comes from a supportive circle of women.


Thursday/ Day 5


During this day’s work, we will find that little girl within us that was fearless and reactivate our ability to dream unapologetically big dreams. 


Friday/ Day 6


Far too many dreams sit on shelves and never see the light of day, but not ours! During this day’s activities, we will structure and schedule the steps necessary to execute the dreams we have set out for ourselves.


Saturday/ Day 7 -Departure Day


This is not only the day you fly home, but it’s also the day you fly into action. Armed with an execution plan for manifesting your goals as well as a fresh perspective on who you are, you are now positioned for a year unlike any you’ve had before.

Will meals be included?

Daily breakfast and dinner is included. All other meals are on your own, as we encourage attendees to explore Ubud and try some local cuisine.

I’m a vegetarian. Will there be food options available for me?

Bali is a vegetarian/ vegan paradise. There are healthy, delicious options at virtually every restaurant. If you’re not a vegetarian when you go to Bali, you might be one when you come back.

Do I need shots?

No shots needed! Just bring yourself.

Do I need a visa?

No, you do not need a visa to travel to Bali.

Are men invited to register?

This is a ladies-only retreat. Stay tuned for co-ed WatchHerWork offerings in the future.

What topics will be covered in the workshops?

Workshops will include: goal-setting, strategic planning, communication skills, relationship building, health and fitness and much more.

Will there be outside excursions or activities?

Yes! We are thrilled to expose our guests to the magic of Bali. There will be a number of included excursions as well as plenty of time for you to explore on your own at your own expense.

What will the schedule be like during the week?

In our experience, people tend to retreat in one of two ways. They either want to rip and run and see everything, or sit by the pool in a tropical paradise, journaling and sipping drinks with tiny umbrellas. We’ve created a space for both travel styles. There will be daily activities, but also optional time slots to relax and recreate.

What is the cancellation/refund policy?

Deposits are non-refundable, but they are transferable. We suggest that you purchase travel insurance.

Is it safe to travel to Bali?

There’s a reason Bali has been named the #1 travel destination in the world. Millions of travelers safely enjoy this lush, tropical paradise annually.

I’m traveling solo, but to reduce costs, I’d be willing to share a room. Are you matching roommates?

We will not be matching roommates. We leave it up to each guest to determine who they want to share this transformative experience with.

Will I be required to join any organizations to attend?

No, but we recommend you join our mailing list to be notified of other great events we have in the future.

Will there be any extra fees excluding plane tickets?

No, but be sure to bring along some cash for souvenirs and world-renowned Balinese spa treatments.



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