10 DIY Face Masks Anyone Can Do

Whether you are the crafting queen or not, these uncertain times are calling out the creative sides of people all over the world. Here, we have put together the best Youtube tutorials for DIY Face Masks at any level. Whether you’re a pro on the sewing machine or you just have a sock and a couple of hair ties, you can make your own protective face masks at home to do your part in protecting yourself, your family, and others.  

These tutorials provide a few ways you can style and make a protective face mask with or without a needle.

If you know how to sew, Hobby Lobby has put together an easy to follow guideline to make your mask. 

If you are making masks for your family, this tutorial gives you a guide to making masks for all sizes. 

If you have no sewing skills at all or looking for a quick alternative, here are some no sew tutorials you can do with materials you have in your home.  

Or skip the manual work and support a small business. There are plenty of Etsy shop owners making protective face masks and selling them online for your convenience. Here are a few of our favorites:

  1. HoneyRecycledFashion creates unisex, themed masks for everyone to enjoy with free shipping
  2. MStyleClothing creates Zero waste masks at an affordable low price.
  3. CarpeDiemWorkshoppe creates face masks for all sizes so you can snag a few for the family in fun prints

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