How To Reach Your Goals (The WatchHerWork Genius Edition)

At the beginning of January, we are all focused on setting goals. Now that a few weeks have passed, let’s talk about how we will actually achieve them. We polled our genius audience of WatchHerWork women and asked them to share their strategies for accomplishing the objectives they set their mind to. Here are some of their thoughts

  1. Break down big goals into small tasks and create checklists and deadlines. Victoria O. Garza
  2. I work with an accountability buddy to make sure we both stay on track. Carla Bisong
  3. I schedule meetings with myself to plan, prioritize, and juggle new items as well as reassess new issues and progress on goals and implementation plans. Lauren Kaufman Blachman
  4. The most critical strategy I leverage to achieve my goals is Visualization. I’m a firm believer that thoughts become things and if I can visualize “it” it feels real and attainable. I also align my mind, body and spirit to achieve the goals. Khalilah Guillory 
  5. I create a 10 Before 10 list. 10 tasks I commit to get done before 10am for my business every day. Tia Randle
  6. I make a significant initial investment. If I have paid for the tools or service and have made a commitment to meet with someone else like a trainer or a coach, I’m far more likely to stick with my goals. I hate wasting money. Misty Starks
  7. I speak about my goals as if they are already achieved. Jessica Byerly
  8. I write them down and I have a Deb’s daily do list. Deborah Engen-Wierwill
  9. Surround yourself with amazing people and constantly build relationships. Susan Asimakis
  10. Do the next right thing every day. Ericka Engen-Graham.
  11. Write them down somewhere and visit the list frequently. Set goals for a week, month, quarter, year and three years. Keep moving forward and avoid analysis paralysis. Live large! Susan Saurage-Altenloh
  12. People! I started implementing weekly and monthly phone calls with team members and advisors focused just on that. Emeline Kuhner-Stout
  13. JDI. Just Do It! If you think too much you will never make it happen. Katie Walthall Mehnert

What are some of your tips? Please share. It’s better when we rise together!

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