How to Build the “Perfect” Resume to Get the Interview

Your resume speaks more about yourself than you realize. But you already know this since you have heard about it over and over again. What you might not know is how to build a resume that will earn you jobs and get you promoted. A resume is so much more than a few lines scribbled on a page. It is a powerful weapon, which, when used well, will keep your miles ahead of the competition. Below are tips on how to build the perfect resume that will get you interviews;

  1. Remove minimizing language

In a resume, language is gold. It is the biggest tool you can use express yourself, and it is what separates a great resume and an average resume. Since communication is critical, there are some phrases that you should altogether avoid. What is commonly referred to as minimizing language should not feature in your resume. Phrases like; creative, passionate, and highly motivated are common in almost all resumes, and this is reason enough to turn off the employer. Instead, describe how you can use such skills to help another employer.

  1. Include a powerful cover letter

A compelling cover letter and a perfect resume is a catalyst to being shortlisted for an interview. Convincingly start your cover letter and maintain a high level of ingenuity, and you will have the perfect resume. Cover letters should address your skillset and experience and the reasons why you should be picked. Create such a brand that will convince the potential employer to hire you. 

  1. Have a few different resumes reorganized for different jobs

There is a common habit with many job seekers of using the same resume all through. Irrespective of the job you are applying for, you use the one resume you have. This is a sure way to fail as employers can sense a flat resume long before they complete it. It is good to have a custom resume, but let this act as a template and edit it to fit different jobs. Additionally, you can create different resumes for different jobs to speed up the process. However, with each post you apply, make the resume as fresh as possible. 

Your resume says a lot about yourself, and you can use this to your advantage. Create a compelling resume that will enable you to nail the interview. Avoid copy-pasting the resumes from the internet as this is a great turn off. Above all, be genuine and creative with your resume and see yourself succeed. 

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