How Long Should You Nap?

There are few things more impactful on your general well-being than sleep. For some of us, quality sleep has become more elusive. Consequently, there is a lot more napping going on than ever before. But, is there a right way to nap? 

10-20 minutes: Grabbing a quick power nap can be ideal if you need a little boost of energy. When a nap is this short, you do not get to the deep recuperative stage of REM sleep, so it’s much easier to jump back in to your day a little more rested and refreshed.

30 minutes: This is where naps get tricky. If you sleep this long, you may wake up with a bit of a sleep hangover, a drunken groggy feeling that’s hard to shake.

60 minutes: If you need to remember names, facts and faces, this nap length might be the sweet spot. It’s long enough to get into deep wave sleep. You may still have a little fogginess when you wake up though.

90 minutes: This is the Taj Mahal of naps. A full cycle of sleep including both the lighter and deeper stages, including REM. This length brings it all back. It improves memory, creativity and mood, all without the grogginess of a sleep hangover. You might even have a dream. You usually wake up easily refreshed and ready to rumble.

What’s your nap length of choice? No matter how long or short, stealing a few winks is a little luxury I hopw you allow yourself. Sweet dreams!

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