7 Ways to Manage Anxiety

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has brought crisis all over the world. It has negatively affected the people around the world. Many people have lost their jobs. Countries have issued lockdowns and community quarantine that forced their citizens to stay at home. Because of this, we feel like our actions right now have become extremely limited.

These facts have caused stress and even anxiety to the many people out there. I hope you are not one of them. But, if you feel that you are starting to get anxious with what is happening, I can't blame you. Instead, I want to help you handle those anxious moments.

  1. Pause for a while.

If you are bombarded with the negativity thoughts, pause for a while. Stop whatever you are doing. You might want to meditate and practice yoga. Listen to relaxing music that soothes your mood and try to get away from problems.

  1. Eat well, be well

Food is one of many factors that may affect your anxiety problem. Eating well-balanced meals gives the right amount of nutrients to your body and to your brain. Healthy food keeps you get enough amount of oxygen to help it to stay active. Also, please avoid alcoholic drinks as these drinks might alter your normal brain functions. Most importantly, do not skip meals. Skipping a meal might also be missing a chance to give your brain and body the nutrients they need.

  1. Also, Rest well

If your mind is tired of dealing those negativities in life, do not hesitate to take a rest. Take a nap in the afternoon and enough sleep at night. Your body and brain has also their limitations. That is why, when they seem to give up, it is time for you to sleep.

  1. Exercise daily

Do not be a lazy potato. The oxygen in your body has to circulate for it to reach every corner of your organs and your system, most importantly, your brain. Slouching on the couch will not help you. Studies have shoes that doing exercise can make your body healthy as well as release your mind from stress. You might find yourself enjoying zumba or any sports that you like.

  1. Take deep breath

If you are starting to feel the tension inside your head, you might be losing right amount of oxygen in your brain. Take a deep breath. Stand straight, inhale and exhale slowly. 

  1. Take some humour

They say that laughter is the best medicine. Try to contact with your friends online and have a good talk, or if you are a loner, watch a comedy movie. Laughter can make you forget your problems even for a while.

  1. Lastly, be positive

Everything happens for a reason. Always think that in every bad situation, there are always ways of getting away of it. Instead of remaining in that bad situation, you better think of solutions instead.

Following these tips, cannot only help you survive the crisis that we are in. It would also help you in dealing with more problems that would come into your life. Remember that you are a survivor!

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