What Are Your Most Amazing Accomplishments?


20 Questions of Reflection of Last Year
As we move from year to year, many of us will set goals and draft resolutions for improvement. If you hope to have any success, it is important to spend some time really taking stock of the passing year and its successes and shortcomings. This list will prompt you to assess where you really are as you jump into a new year. Be brutally honest with yourself.

1. What am I most proud of this year?
2. What could I have done to make this year better?
3. What was the biggest upgrade I made to my life this year?
4. Where do I feel the most deterioration?
5. Which friendships were the most nurturing and supportive of my goals?
6. Who drained me and failed to show reciprocity of my kindness towards them?
7. What was the most surprising thing that happened this year?
8. What were my key learnings this year?
9. Who have I helped most?
10. What was my biggest challenge this year?
11. Did I overcome it or am I still struggling with that challenge?
12. Did I thoughtfully execute thought out plans or did I shoot from the hip the majority of the time?
13. Am I truly in control of my life? This year, did I allow the desires of others to supersede my own?
14. Is there something I wished I had said to someone in my life that I haven’t said?
15. What 5 words best describe this year?
16. How did I take care of my body this year?
17. What is my definition of success and do I feel like this year was successful?
18. Am I happy? Why or why not?
19. What goals did I set for this passing year and did I achieve them?
20. How will next year be different for me?

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