7 Ways to Improve Productivity When Working From Home

COVID-19 pandemic has almost paralyzed most of the industries in the world. Many jobs are paralyzed because of the forced lockdown and community quarantine imposed by the different government all over the world. Should we worry too much? The answer is NO.

Although we can’t work in our normal offices and any normal workplace, we can take working from home. However, many people have questioned how it would be efficient and effective to work inside your own home. They are hesitant thinking that it would be less productive to bring your work home.

Worry no more because there are ways to ensure and improve the productivity in working from home.

  1. Pick your own schedule of works

Setting your schedule for a lot of works may be troublesome for you. As you bring your work to your home, your attention and responsibilities might be mixed up and having all of them might bring confusion. That is why; you should balance your time for everything and try to set your own schedule.

Having a planner would be of great help. You should divide your whole day for a lot of duties. It is not enough for you to only set your schedule, but you have to stick with it. It is bad for you to procrastinate as you may miss the work that you have to accomplish.

  1. Select for your own working space.

Time is not the only thing that you should consider when working in your home. Yes, you may have the schedule, but what about the space you are working in.

As you may notice, offices are maintained to help the employees to stay productive. That is how important the work space is. You may not find a clutter desk as a good place to work in. Select a corner from your own home that would make you feel comfortable as you work. But, you have to make sure that the space you have selected would not tempt you to become lazy.

Working inside your bedroom can be nice but it is not advisable to face your bed, for it would only tempt you to sleep instead.

  1. Stay away from the unnecessary noises.

Most of us need a quiet and relaxing ambiance in working. I bet, none can maintain his/her concentration if the dogs in the neighborhood start barking loudly, or someone from your own household plays rock music. Try to block those noises and stay away from them instead. Select a space where you could think and concentrate without those noises. Perhaps you may play soothing and relaxing music to motivate you and would give you artistic and creative ideas.

  1. Put away those that could distract you

As you work, you need concentration to get things done productively. You are going to achieve that if your attention will not be divided. Having those smartphones, Nintendo Switch or any other entertaining devices near you will only distract you especially if your messenger in your smartphone starts to notify that someone you like has messaged you. So, try to put away those gadgets so that you can concentrate on something that you are working on, but you can check your phone occasionally, in case of emergency.

  1. Get dressed, Stay Fresh

Regardless of whether you won't see any other person for the whole day other than your feline, it's difficult to feel gainful mentally in your night robe. In the beginning of working from home, remaining in sweats may feel like an advantage. Be that as it may, for some telecommuters, this propensity can cause a feeling of languor before the finish of the workday. Regardless of whether you've achieved a great deal, it can feel like your work day never truly began on the off chance that you skip getting dressed. 

Getting into new garments can likewise help attract a line your head among work and an incredible remainder. You don't need to pull out your 9-to-5 best, however putting on something you haven't stayed in bed will fill your heart with joy feel increasingly fruitful at long last.

  1. Patience is a virtue!

In this season of vulnerability, it's especially simple to learn about pushed or overpowered. However much as could reasonably be expected, attempt to rehearse persistence — with yourself, with your associates, your self-teaching kids if relevant, and with any other person you live with. Developing and offering thanks can make you a superior head, and it can likewise assist you with flourishing notwithstanding change. 

Regardless of whether your association, schedule, or different parts of your life are overturned or evolving significantly, setting aside a few minutes for your wellbeing and respond quietly merits the time and exertion. It will likewise assist you with managing vulnerability and tension. 

As you and a few or the entirety of your associates subside into life as remote workers, recall that everybody's needs are unique. Individuals are confronting extraordinary difficulties and interruptions you don't generally observe on a video or phone call. Attempt to be adaptable and understanding as you discover your mood and dial into telecommuting. Regardless of whether this is just a transitory course of action, you'll be happy you did.

  1. Most of all, stay healthy!

  In an office, you may feel more constrained to take an appropriate mid-day break in the day for 30 minutes or 60 minutes, however when you telecommute, there are no associates or cafeterias to remind you to do as such. By saving noon for yourself, regardless of whether you work from the workplace or from home, you'll have the option to take an appropriate break from work to sustain yourself and revive for the remainder of the evening.

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