Stellar Zoom Webinar Checklist

Zoom has taken over our communication and we have all seen a webinar gone wrong. Avoid these mishaps, by following the guidelines below:

  1. Find a quiet place- This is harder for some because of children or pets in the home. Don’t underestimate your closet if there’s a light. Someplace where you can shut the door is optimal.
  2. Let everyone in the house know you will be participating or leading an important presentation.
  3. Turn off other applications during webinar or meeting- Make sure your computer power is focused on the task at hand.
  4. Restart your computer 2 hours before the webinar to ensure that there will not be any auto updates during the webinar. Pause any alerts.
  5. Use a wired connection- plug directly into your router to reduce signal degradation over wifi.
  6. Use headphones- This will help with echo and ambient noise.
  7. Check your mouse- Make sure the batteries are fresh. Always keep backup batteries in reach.
  8. Have a glass of water nearby- You never know when you will get a tickle in your throat.
  9. Mute microphone when you’re not speaking.
  10. Have a paper copy of your presentation on hand so you have it if you lose video for any reason.
  11. Mute your cell phone.
  12. Lift computer up so you the webcam is at eye level or just slightly above. 
  13. Make sure you are close enough to camera that participants can see your face- Center your face in the frame.
  14. Light your face- Consider ordering photography lights if you host webinars regularly. In the meantime, face an open window and take advantage of natural light. 
  15. Engage your audience- Remember to smile and be animated and interesting. 

Your audience watches a lot of webinars. Use these tips to make sure yours is one of the best!

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