10 Helpful Tips To Help You Lose That Baby Weight

It is important to remember that we are all different.  Some women find baby weight drops off very fast while others are left with unwanted rolls that can be hard to shift.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is key and this isn’t hard if you know how!

  1. Get out and about

It is important that you get out of the house early on.  Establish a daily exercise routine.  Take your baby for an early morning walk.  Exercise is a great way to start the day and pushing a stroller up and down steeper roads will help to work your core and get your heart pumping.

If you’re breastfeeding, feed your baby right before you exercise to avoid discomfort caused by engorged breasts. Wear a supportive nursing bra and comfortable clothing.Breastfeeding

2. Breastfeeding is nature’s weight loss program!

Did you know that a breastfeeding women need to eat an extra 500 calories a day – with a total intake of 2.700 calories?  Breastfeeding alone burns between 600-800 calories –so do the math!  Breastfeeding will help you lose weight.

3. Eat smart

Choose healthy options loaded with energy.  Healthy food not only benefits you in your weight loss journey but will also benefit your breastfeeding baby, as it is full of nutrients needed to grow healthy and strong.

Avoid the temptation to keep unhealthy food options in your fridge and cupboards.  If they are not there, you can’t eat them.

When cooking your evening meal, cook a little extra and freeze individual portions for a quick easy healthy meal for those nights when you have no energy to cook.

4. Smaller meal sizes

Portion control is vital.  It is advisable to eat regularly when breastfeeding to help keep your energy levels high. Lots of smaller meals (snacks) will help you feel fuller for longer and avoid the temptation to binge with unhealthy options.

Another tip is – avoid the temptation to eat everything on your plate when you feel full.

5. Belly belt

Wearing a belly belt immediately post birth will help to tuck and flatten your stomach.  A good control pant will work just a well.

6. Drink plenty of water

Drinking plenty of water is vital. Water not only keeps you hydrated but also helps to flush away-unwanted toxins in your body, keeping you regular.

Avoid sugary drinks such as soda and fruit juice as they contain a lot of extra-unwanted calories.

7. Get plenty of rest

Medical studies have proven that we can lose weight while we sleep.

Sleep will also help to ensure you have more energy that is likely to result in more exercise and healthy food choices.  A lethargic body and brain tends not to make good choices.

8. Exercise with your baby

Exercising with your baby is easy if you know how.

Work on strengthening your muscles with simple arm raises while holding your baby, push ups over your baby while he or she lies on the floor, sit ups while holding your baby, squats while holding your baby etc.  Adapt the exercises to suit your needs.

9. Baby wearing

Carrying your baby, especially as they get older and heavier is a fantastic way to burn calories.

Baby wearing is also a wonderful bonding experience and gives you a lot more freedom should you have a baby who does not want to be put down.

10. Join a baby friendly gym

Most good gyms will have crèches and some will even have mother and baby exercise classes.

Get your self into a routine and include a gym workout at least 3 times a week.

Gyms are also a fantastic social outing.  Meeting like-minded women who have similar weight loss goals can be a real motivator.

However you decide to embark on your weight loss journey, it is important to set yourself a goal and stick to it.  Reward yourself when you achieve milestones and don’t punish yourself if you don’t meet them.  Motivate yourself to try again!

Weight loss is a journey and a lifestyle choice.

Learn to ‘Love the Body You’re In’.

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