Things You Can Negotiate (Other Than Salary) When You Take A Job

You have been through a lot, trying to get a new job. But once you ace your interview, you are asked about other benefits that you want for the job. Before answering that question, you need to consider all the options before making a decision carefully. It would help if you were strategical; otherwise, you will be working under tough environments and low benefits. There are usually a lot of things that people can ask for in a negotiation, and the particulars may vary, some benefits are common across the board. Here are some notable ones;

Your hours per week

The number of hours needed per week should be made clear before taking the job. Most employers always leave this open, and it can be a grey area that can cause problems down the line. You need to agree on the number of hours worked. If you are not paid hourly, you negotiate on the maximum number of hours worked. When it comes to the overtime, you need to agree on the rates for every hour worked overtime.

Vacation Time

Vacation is essential in the life of every person. When starting a new job, you will need to know if the company offers any vacation packages for its employees. You will need to know the number of weeks the vacation will last and if you will be allowed to bring your family. Even if there is no vacation on offer, you need to know and ask if you will have time off to go on vacation. You can negotiate more time or more vacation packages.

Help to repay student loans

We all know that student loans can cause a tremendous amount of stress. You can negotiate with the company to repay the student loans for you. Some companies offer this as a remuneration package, and you need to get all the details when negotiating. When it comes to student loan repayments, you need to know the amount they will repay monthly and what happens when you quit or move on. Iron out all these details before embarking on your new job.

A Work phone or computer

Your new job may require frequent calls or constant emailing, or you may be spending a lot of time on the internet. This means you will need a phone and a computer. Remember to ask for these items when negotiating your packages. The gadgets may be offered automatically, but if they are not, you can ask for them. You will need to be a good steward of the company’s assets, and some companies may need you to prove this before they can allow you to get the gadgets. 

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