Should You Ask for A Raise During A Pandemic?

The current pandemic caught all of us off guard and has been causing havoc ever since. Life as we knew it is gone with little chance of getting to where we were pre-pandemic. Not a day goes by without hearing layoffs, forced unpaid leaves, hiring freezes, and painful salary cuts. Many people are taking over the responsibilities of their lost coworkers. This leaves those deserving of a pay raise in some sort of limbo. Do they ask for a pay cut or not? Here are some useful hacks that will help you negotiate better pay even in harsh economic times:

Be strategic with your approach

Using the right approach is necessary at all times and not just asking for a pay rise. Being strategic with your approach gives you a chance to be heard and have your case considered. This means picking the right time to approach, ensuring that the environment is conducive, and having the right data to back up your case. Gather all the evidence of tasks you have completed and how much of an asset you’ve been to the company.

Knowledge is, and will always be, power

Data shows and experts agree that salary negotiation tricks before the pandemic can still work wonders during these unprecedented times. As an employee, take it upon yourself to know the salary range. With this knowledge, you can avoid asking too much or too little. 

Have the right mentality

You may be deserving of a raise, but your mentality may deny you what you deserve. Employers are humans, and so they deserve respect. When asking for a pay rise, experts urge employees to use the right approach and have the right mentality to pay. That means not to be too demanding.

Choose the perks you want

We all crave different things from our employers. This may be a good time to start asking for the things you have always wanted. Perks such as more paid vacation days, company-paid phone usage, or making the work from home arrangement permanent. These are workable things, and you can negotiate for better packages even in these crazy times.

Parting shot

Though the unemployment rates are soaring, asking for a pay rise is not as crazy as it sounds. Some companies are doing so well during this pandemic, and their employees will not be out of order when they ask for a pay rise. If you feel you deserve better pay, go for it. You can never know unless you try!

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