How To Get Heard On A Zoom Call

During these times of the global pandemic COVID-19, economic has been almost immobilized. Many jobs have stopped operating due to lockdown and community quarantine. Fortunately, other jobs have imposed alternative ways to continue their operation. How? Online video conferencing.

Thanks to this technique, many jobs and even government operations are able to continue their work. To comply with this high demand of online video conferencing, a lot of applications both for smartphones and laptops have been developed and are now available for free. One of these apps is ZOOM.

However, it would take a lot of adjustments for you to succeed in participating in a meeting using this online video conferencing. Obviously, you might want to participate in these meetings and be heard of your suggestions and opinions.

  1. Master the technicalities.

Having the online meetings is not as easy as just talking in front of the crowd. With the use of gadgets, you still have to learn how to use the apps. You have to make sure you understand the icons. You have to learn how and when to use these icons. After discovering these icons, it is important that you rehearse ahead of time to check if everything is fine before the meeting.

  1. Set, learn and follow ground rules.

Before you conduct the conferencing, your group must come up with ground rules. These rules must include proper decorum during the meeting. You also have to make sure that everyone in the group knows the technicalities of the app that you are using. You must also set when to turn on the microphone icon to speak and when to turn it off to listen. You must also set the order of the speakers so to ensure everything will be organized. 

  1. Speak with confidence

If it is your turn to speak, make sure that you should speak with all of your confidence. To ensure that, research more about the topic you are trying to discuss. Your listeners might lose their interest in listening if you are not certain with your topic. Also, make sure that you can answer confidently whatever questions they throw.

  1. Listen

In online video conferencing, everything might get troublesome specially, if all of you in the group want to speak at the same time. If it is not your time to speak, you have to respect the one who is speaking and give him/her the time that he/she needs. If that respect is well given to the speaker, the same respect will return to you if your turn to speak comes.   

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