6 Books By Women for When You're Shifting Careers

Choosing to embark on a career change can be an exciting but scary adventure. It can also be super rewarding when done correctly. Whether you are looking to quit your job and start a new career, or if you are interested in becoming a small business owner, there’s a lot to assess before making the switch.  

So, where do you start? One helpful way to find inspiration for your new journey is by reading books from those that already have the experience and knowledge on the topic. Taking in the advice of others can assist you in developing a plan of action, acknowledging and preparing for the obstacles you may face, and getting crucial advice from similar real-life situations.  

Here are six books written by women that will inspire a career change this year.  Check out our expert guide before deciding on your next professional move. 

‘Everything is Figureoutable’ by Marie Forleo

If you’re a creative person that struggles with following through on ideas and projects, you’re not alone. It happens to the best of us, and Forleo discusses creative blocks in a way that will motivate you to step up and commit to your goals. 

No matter what changes you’re looking to make, be it professional, personal, financial, or all of the above, there’s something in this book for everyone. Everything is Figureoutable puts a fun, quirky spin on making positive changes while also training your brain to build a solid routine for success. In this book, the author covers issues that we all face, such as imposter syndrome, appreciating progress rather than perfection, coming back stronger from your failures, and balancing time and money to make the most of your career. 

‘Overcoming Underearning: A Five-Step Plan to a Richer Life’ by Barbara Stanny

This book may be over 10 years old, but author Barbara Stanny’s wisdom is as relevant as ever.  In Overcoming Underearning, she crafts a guide to helping you identify whether you may be self-sabotaging your finances and how to move forward with that knowledge.  

This book is packed with exercises that will help you figure out your mindset when it comes to money, self-esteem, and the relationship you have with your earnings. This book is an excellent option for people who want to dive inward to understand their financial perspective and make positive changes in their lives accordingly. 

Working from Home: Making the New Normal Work For You’ by Karen Magia

Dive into this comprehensive guide for mastering the elusive work from home territory. Working from Home: Making the New Normal Work for You offers its readers many helpful tips for staying motivated while maximizing time in your own space. Mangia provides the tools to design your workspace, create the perfect home office, manage your time and productivity, and tackle the burnout and exhaustion that can come with being more isolated. 

This book offers ways to better connect with your team, proving that you can communicate successfully from anywhere. The author guides you into crafting a new normal while simultaneously having a successful career. Packed with real-world advice, Working from Home is a must-grab for anybody wanting to find a healthier balance between work and life. It’s a perfect read when making the shift from office to remote or for management looking for creative ways to keep their team happy, healthy and productive. 

‘Don’t Stay in Your Lane: The Career Change Guide for Women of Color’ by Cynthia Pong

If you’re stuck at a dead-end job, fantasizing about following your intuition and passions, then pick this book up ASAP! The author, Cynthia Pong guides the reader through a complete career-change journey, starting with leaving your current position and ending with finding what’s right for you. She includes useful exercises that are created to help you overcome the obstacles that women of color face in the workplace.  

This book offers personal stories from Pong and essential guidance on how to confront unequal pay, systemic racism, negativity towards yourself and others, and managing your finances through a career shift. It’s a perfect place to start when your gut is telling you to ditch your current path and pursue your dreams. 

‘Get a Life, Not a Job’ by Paula Caligiuri

Whether you’re a self-starter or working for someone else’s business, this inspiring book offers creative ways to design your career. The author will teach you lessons on creating work-life balance, becoming financially secure, and having a significant hand in your own professional and personal happiness. These aspects combine to create a more creative, more inspired, more balanced YOU. 

Caligiuri guides the reader on a journey to pursuing the career you love and setting boundaries to help keep you away from the roles you don’t want. You’ll learn how to figure out what you genuinely want to do, and how to make it a happen. There are engaging exercises that include vital career techniques and how to implement them into the workplace. This book is excellent for anyone looking to build a new career, start-up, or looking to improve their current work situation.

‘Take the Leap’ by Sara Bliss

Take the Leap is a powerful book filled with inspiring stories from over 60 people, from all walks of life who have completely transformed their careers. Throughout the book, there is a noticeable pattern that explores many different types of professional and personal shifts. Bliss covers the importance of personal mindset and wellness, tapping into inner creativity and passions, starting a new business, and even traveling while working. 

The book is an adventure from start to finish, packed with interviews and tips from successful career leapers, such as wellness and beauty guru Bobbi Brown, writer-turned-actress/show creator Jill Kargman, Black Crowes drummer-turned-sports radio host Steve Gorman, NFL player turned artist/activist Aaron Maybin, and entrepreneur, Barbara Corcoran.

Ultimately, it’s a comprehensive yet unique career guide for navigating an ever-changing job market, while also maintaining happiness and personal fulfillment. The author shares helpful advice on how to manifest positive change, explore out-of-the-box career options, and transform all aspects of your life for the better. If you’re looking for a complete career shift, this one’s for you! 

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