Ending 2020 With a Positive Mindset

Our brains are powerful tools that can be used to achieve great things. Think about it- everything we do as humans start as a thought. The greatest human achievements were only ideas before manifesting into a reality. This begs the question: can we think ourselves into a better life? Can our outlook on things really be that powerful? Join us as we dive deeper into this complex topic.

It all starts with self-talk

Did you know that we engage in self-talk countless times every single day? What is self-talk, you ask? Well, self-talk can be said to be the unspoken thoughts that go through our brains every minute of the day. The thoughts will come automatically and can either be positive or negative. This is where it gets interesting; if you flood your mind with negative thoughts, it will play out in your life, and you will most likely be a pessimistic person. The opposite is also true; if you have positive thoughts, it will manifest in your life. 

Your attitude plays such a huge part

Ever heard people say that your attitude affects your altitude? This much we know is true. Your attitude towards issues and life, in general, affects how you react. If your attitude towards a better life is negative and feels unattainable, you will never achieve it. However, with a positive attitude, you will certainly achieve it. 

Think positive, be positive

You are a product of your thoughts. If you think you will achieve something, the universe will make it happen for you. See it this way, if you are thinking of a certain type of car, you will notice it all day long. Why? Because your mind is already thinking about it, and you will be pulled towards noticing it. The same happens in life; if you think of a better life, you will be pulled towards that. 

How, then, do you build positive thinking?

There are countless ways in which you can build positive thinking. In fact, there are countless books on this topic where authors talk about ways to have positive thinking. Here are a few practical ways to have positive thinking:

Weed out the negative thoughts. building positive thoughts begins with doing away with all the negative thoughts. Evaluate your life and see all the areas that often have negative thoughts and weed them out.

A smile helps. Times are hard, and situations are uncertain, but that does not mean you frown all day. Make sure you are open to humor and find reasons to laugh. It will help relieve stress. 

Always be in the company of positive people. Your environment will always affect your thoughts. So, if you want to have positive thoughts, surround yourself with positive people. 

So, can your thoughts shape your reality? The answer is YES! This has been a difficult year, no doubt. But it’s important that we still try to remain positive and keep going. You can think yourself into anything you like. You are what you think you are. If you think you deserve a better life, it will be so!

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