How to Play Nice with Coworkers

Coworkers are an integral part of any organization. However, coexisting peacefully and professionally is another thing altogether. In most cases, coworkers are a delicate issue that requires both wit and caution. We all work better when we work together, and that’s why it's crucial to play nice with coworkers. Nobody can survive on their own, both professionally and socially, and thus, your colleagues are an essential element of your life. Here are the various ways you can play nice with your coworkers;

It is okay to be social, but keep your wits about you

No one is alone in the workplace, and that’s why we need each other. At your workplace, you need to be social with coworkers. That does not mean overindulging and going overboard. You can be social and, at the same time, keep your wits. Be careful not to cross boundaries you should be crossing and be cautious not to do things you would regret.  Every time you participate in a social activity with coworkers, let it be the activities you enjoy, and it should be voluntary. 

Don’t overdrink

Do overdrink. When you are under the influence of alcohol, you tend to act irrationally, and it can result in unwanted actions. In those social events organized by coworkers or you have been invited for drinks by coworkers, be careful not to overdrink. Overdrinking means you will let your guard down, and this is dangerous as it has lifelong consequences. 

Don’t participate in office gossip

Office gossip is a no-go zone. In every office set up, there will be juicy stories that will be too tempting to avoid. However, for the sake of your career and your reputation, it is vital to avoid office gossip. It may be the cause of your downfall, and in some cases, it may result in you losing your job. Out of everything that you do in your office, avoid office gossip.

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