Best Side Jobs to Help Pay Off Debt

The term “gig economy” has entered common parlance increasingly in recent years. The advent of apps and sophisticated communication technology allowed for a variety of different types of revenue that anyone with a bit of extra downtime can take advantage of. These options can be a great source of additional income and they are perfect for paying off debt or paying down students loans

Freelance work can be a tricky way to sustain yourself, depending on your personality. Studies show that the more freelancers work, the calmer and more enthusiastic they are, while difficult or conflicting requirements reduce their well-being. However, this type of work often allows you the freedom to pick and choose your battles. 

Sometimes, these side-jobs require little to no prior experience, while others may cater to those with a specific expertise in an area. Below, we will explore options to increase revenue streams that can help transform extra spare time into dollars. 

Ridesharing Apps

Apps like Uber and Lyft have taken advantage of recruiting nearby drivers to stellar effect. Consumers also take solace in using these services since they are affordable and eco-friendly. The apps have also increased their operations in sophistication, adding the option to hitch a ride that is already en route. The practicality that results from this marriage of logic and technology is why Uberpool works so well. 

Once you undergo an initial vetting process, filling those voids in your schedule with revenue can be a simple as opening up the app. In many metropolitan areas, there will be an abundant supply of people looking to get somewhere. 

While turning on the app and taking a few passengers to their destination can be a great way for some quick cash for a car owner, companies like HyreCar open up the possibility to people even without cars. Through this program, people can rent someone else’s car to try out ridesharing for a few days, or use the car long-term. Either way, the level of versatility is highly customizable to fit your time-allowance and desire. 

Software Developer

For some people, tinkering around with software technology is a past time. However, this is also one of the most in-demand positions to be found in 2018. There is no shortage of business to be had as a developer, allowing you freedom to take on projects as a freelancer, telecommute, or even work full-time. As you continue to work in this domain, your skills will improve and your wages and range of abilities will increase. 

This work may include updating websites, creating new ones from scratch, or making apps. This could lead to an untold amount of income, especially if you strike gold by coming up with a clever app. 

Video Reviewer

This is a telecommuting or part-time gig that can put your expertise in a certain domain to good use. Many people are eager to have videos of their work reviewed for feedback, from teachers or instructors to musicians to stand-up comedians. If you feel that you have a specialty and something to offer, this can be a fairly easy way to make some extra money on the side from the comfort of your own home. 

Bilingual Editor/Assistant

Having the mastery of a second language under your belt can be put to good use in the world of remote freelance employment. Many companies are looking for people with multilingual expertise to look over material for any mistakes or awkwardness that could use some refining. This is especially true with law firms, where specificity of language and translation matters tremendously. 


This is a staple of freelance work that is still as relevant as ever. However, it is important not to underestimate the expectations of clients seeking photography work. You should be a seasoned photographer with a high degree of familiarity with Photoshop or other retouching software. 


Sites like Guru can be excellent places to get in touch with companies or individuals that need writing or editing done. However, standing out among the competition can be difficult, especially for people just starting out. Research indicates that one of the best ways to stand out is to build a portfolio that consists of similar but not identical projects. This grants the greatest amount of confidence by prospective buyers. 

Skills that you develop as a writer has utility in nearly any professional realm since it hones your ability to communicate, but it’s also a prized skill all by itself, with a multitude of avenues to which you can offer your service. Consider what you are interested in the most and using that to guide your writing endeavors. 

You can start a blog about an area of interest, which can lead to revenue generation down the road once it picks up momentum. It’s a good place for you to develop your voice and style, as well as a place to compile all your other work. Once you are comfortable with the amount of value you are offering, you can put a “donate” button or an ad that visitors can use to hire you.

by Grace Frenson

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