What to Do if You Find Out You’re Being Underpaid

Have you been feeling like you are being underpaid? Do you have proof that your coworkers are being paid more than you? Or do you feel like your salary and remunerations don’t match your efforts and skills? Well, you aren’t alone. There are many out there who think they’re underpaid, but few have the guts to do something about it. The real power lies in what you will do if you feel that you are being underpaid. You can try the following tips;

Request a meeting with superiors

The best thing to do is to go see your superiors. They are the only ones who can help you out. But the trick is not in just meeting the superiors. It is about presenting your case in such a way that you will get a raise. Start by requesting an official meeting. Use the official communication channels, if they have an assistant, or request an appointment directly.

Bring any evidence you may have that your coworker is being paid more

Once you get a meeting, prepare yourself thoroughly by bringing everything that will work in your favor. It would help your case significantly if you have any evidence that your coworkers’ earn more. Table the evidence and the facts that your job scope is the same and that you deserve to be paid more. Before you go in there, arguing that your coworkers earn more, make sure your job scope is the same, and they are not doing more work.

Bring the record of your achievements and ask for a raise

Your records are the greatest weapon that will earn you a raise. The things you have done, and  your achievements will help build a watertight case that will convince the superiors that you deserve more. Have a record of all that you have done, targets you have achieved, milestones you have completed, and everything that you have done. The record will speak volumes and will surely earn you an increment. 

The issue is not being underpaid; the main problem is remaining silent. Speak up! And ask for a much-needed raise.

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