How to Quit Your Job Gracefully

There comes a time when you have to move on from your job. It may be because of a better offer somewhere else, or you feel you have outgrown your current job. Once you get to this point, you need to know how to quit the job gracefully. Irrespective of your current position or stand with the company, parting ways gracefully is always the right choice. Remember, your employer gave you a shot at the job, and thou a time has come to leave that job, you need to go out respectfully. Here are some of the ways you can use to leave gracefully;

Keep your decision private until you speak to your boss.

Most people make the mistake of announcing they are leaving to other co-workers before telling the boss. This doesn't seem right as it can damage your reputation long before you have your chance with the boss. The best way to go about the resignation is by first telling your boss. That shows respect and character. When you have made your decision to move on, your boss should be the first person you inform.

Give two weeks-notice.

It is wise to give an early notice of your intended departure. This policy may vary from place to place, but the most critical point is to give an early communication. The primary purpose of the “2- weeks” notice is to enable everyone to transition smoothly. Your employer needs to find a new replacement, and you need to hand over to the incumbent. 

Don’t bad mouth the company with other employees.

During your stay at the company, you may have encountered a few things that aren’t so good. However, your transition period should not be a time to bad mouth the company. Resist every urge to speak negatively about the company, especially with other employees. Keep the things you know to yourself and leave gracefully.

What goes around comes around; you may never know whom you shall meet down the line. It is therefore courteous to quit your job gracefully and to use the right channel. Irrespective of how well your new job is paying or the impressive specs you will be getting, leave your current job with respect. 

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