18 Ways To Care For Yourself

1. Catch some rays: Your body needs sunshine. Go for a walk (while appropriately social distancing) or go for a drive. Sit in your backyard or on your balcony if you’re lucky enough to have one. If not, just work by a window. Just get some Vitamin D daily.

2. Do a news detox: Let’s admit it. We all need a break. Your mind is overloaded with horrible statistics and even more terrible prognostications of the terrors yet to come. Take a break- a complete, total, blissful break for a day or 2. You want to stay informed. That’s great. But you need some time for your brain to refuel and refortify. Turn it off. I promise you’ll be able to catch up. Step away from the remote.

3. Refresh your bed and couch: Lounging around all day long is taking its toll on your furniture. Freshen it up. Febreeze is your friend. We have gotten in the habit of cleaning our mobile phones, but what about the remote? The throw pillows? You see where I’m going with this.

4. Eat nourishing food: Listen, we all went through our Oreos and potato chip phase, but it’s time to move on. We’ve got to move past comfort eating. For most of us, physical activity is WAAAY down. You couldn’t really afford to eat like that before and you definitely can’t eat like that now. Your body needs fuel. Feed it well. Haven’t found your inner Julia Child? No problem. Get started here.

5. Listen to a new podcast: Learn something new. Listen to smart people talk. Laugh. There’s a podcast Here are a few that we can’t get enough of


KERA's Think

The Daily

6. Declutter: I’ve always heard that a clear desk indicates a clear mind. As I look around my house, I’ve been noticing that every surface has a bunch of clutter on it. I spent 45 minutes clearing just the surfaces and I immediately felt better. Clutter can steal your concentration. Clear the decks.

7. Do a Youtube Yoga class: Nothing helps you relax, relate and release better than YouTube and it’s free. Here are some of our favorites.

8. Get some sleep: Your sleep schedule is off right now, I know. As I sit and write this it is 1:00 in the morning. It’s tough to maintain a decent routine, but you have to try. Prolonged sleep deprivation can impact your judgment and creativity, both of which you need in ample supply in the weeks and months to come. Clear your head. Catch some Zzzs. When I’m really struggling, I play one of these and it helps me settle my mind and drift off like a baby.

9. Snuggle with a pet: It triggers crazy endorphins to cuddle up with your favorite furball. If you don’t have one, do it virtually with these Instagram #hashtags.






10. Sit up: If you’re anything like me, you too often succumb to the temptation to sit on your couch or even in your bed to work or consume technology. Sit at a table. This is a time when lung capacity is more important than ever, and we’re compromising it. Spending the day slouching or reclining does nothing good for your posture either. Your diaphragm will thank you.

11. Drink water: Not soda, not coffee, not alcohol. WATER.

12. Phone a friend: I know texting is the contact method d’jour, but pick up the phone and actually call a few friends each day to laugh, connect and feed those relationships. You’ll feel better and they will too.

13. Write a love letter to yourself: Say only nice, kind, encouraging things. Speak life into those letters. Write them with an actual pen and paper. Affirmations work. Use them.

14. Get your groove on: This is a great time to dance like nobody’s watching because, literally, no one is watching. Turn up the music and shake what your mama gave ya. Need a jump start? Catch a spin session of @djdnice on Instagram. He’ll have you out of your seat and on your feet!

15. Schedule a virtual therapy session: A lot of us are struggling with social distancing, but some are REALLY struggling. If you need someone to talk to that has therapeutic training to help you work through your anxiety, isolation, or depression, reach out. Here are two excellent places to start.



16. Create a budget: Yes, I know that could be stressful right now, but if you take the time to understand where your money is going, communicate with creditors and find ways to reduce expenses, you will feel 1000% more in control. Hiding from money concerns only keeps you in bondage to worry. What’s better than freedom from worry?

17. Look Up: Your neck is screaming. You are constantly looking down at your computer or your phone and it is taking a toll on your neck. When possible, raise your devices to eye level. I use these exercises to strengthen my neck. You should too.

18. Do an art project: It doesn’t matter if it’s good. It can be terrible. It can be God-awful. Replace that inner critic with your inner child and escape into creativity.

Diamond Painting

Beginner watercolor

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